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On this page you can download all high resolution images from Goldbergh.

Here you can find image photography and productshots.
When you click on an image photo, the image will appear on your computerscreen in a larger size. You can save the image to your harddisk by using the righthand side of your computer mouse.
When you choose a productshot, your computer will automatically download a zip-file onto your harddisk. The zip-files contain several pictures of the same product: front, back, free-standing and with a coloured background.

This page is only available for retailers and press. Please follow these steps to get access to the pressroom:
1. create a Goldbergh account here, and choose your own, personal password.
2. send an e-mail to info@goldbergh.com, requesting access to the pressroom. Please mention the e-mail address, with which you created your Goldbergh account.
3. you will receive an e-mail response from us, confirming your acces to the pressroom. You can then log in at the pressroom, using your own e-mail address and password.

The images are JPEG-files, suitable for reproduction on A4-size. If you require larger files, please contact us at info@goldbergh.com.

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